Ruby, cushion cut, 1.71 ct
All our gemstones are 100% natural, no lab created, no heat diffusion, no lead glass or other invasive treatments
[COD. RB0237]

Ruby, cushion cut, 1.71 ct

The vivid, intense and deep red of the rarest and most precious Rubies is called "Pigeon blood" and this magnificent specimen with a refined cushion cut offers an excellent example. The respectable carat weight allows us to imagine the creation of a jewel of prestige and effect, in ideal combination with the precious white of diamonds.

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Technical info

Weight: 1.71 ct Length: 8.18 mmWidth: 6.08 mmHeight: 3.57 mmOrigin: Natural, MozambiqueClarity: SI TYPE III (slightly included)Gemmologist’s notes: Microscope analysis revealed indication of heating, very common in natural rubies


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