Russian Demantoid Garnet, round cut, 2.18 ct
All our gemstones are 100% natural, no lab created, no heat diffusion, no lead glass or other invasive treatments
[COD. GR0098]
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Russian Demantoid Garnet, round cut, 2.18 ct

Precious variety of Garnet, which has been given the name "demantoid" because of the adamantine luster, the extreme sparkle and a fire that surpasses even that of the Diamond. In this beautiful specimen of almost three carats, the color is intense and vivid and the round cut enhances the gem's fire to the fullest. The GEMLAB Certificate, Included

Price: 4.318,00 (VAT included)

In stock

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Russian Demantoid Garnet, round cut, 2.18 ct Video

Technical info

Weight: 2.18 ct Length: 7.99 mmWidth: 7.98 mmHeight: 4.86 mmOrigin: Natural, RussiaClarity: SI TYPE II (slightly included)Gemmologist’s notes: No indications of treatments


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