Spinello pietra preziosa, caratteristiche colore e prezzi

Spinello pietra preziosa, caratteristiche colore e prezzi

What gemstone is Spinel?


Spinel is a precious stone that comes in different color varieties and has been used in jewelry for centuries.
The generic chemical formula of spinel is AB2O4, where “A” and “B” represent metal cations and “O” represents oxygen. Spinels are a group of minerals with a common crystalline structure called the spinel structure. The variety of colors in spinels is due to differences in the types of metal cations present and their relative quantities. For example, in the case of red spinel (ruby spinel), the specific chemical formula is MgAl2O4, where “Mg” represents magnesium and “Al” represents aluminum. This specific combination of metal cations gives the mineral its characteristic red color.


Some information to recognize Spinello:


Colors and Variations: Spinel is known for its variety of colors. The most common varieties include the red spinel, known as the “ruby spinel”, the blue spinel, the black spinel, and the purple spinel. However, it is possible to find spinels in almost every color of the spectrum.

Origin: Spinels have been mined from many parts of the world, including Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Vietnam, Tanzania, and Madagascar. Different extraction locations can produce spinels with different color and quality characteristics.

Hardness: Spinel has a hardness of 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it a fairly hard and durable stone, suitable for use in jewelry.

Cutting and Crafting: The joint can be cut into different shapes, including round, oval, square and heart cut. Due to its transparency and inherent brilliance, it can be worked into high-quality jewelry.

Mythology and History: Throughout history, spinel has often been confused with other gemstones, such as ruby. It was known as a stone of protection and good luck. In some cultures, joint was believed to protect against danger and promote good luck.

Spinel Jewelry: Spinel is used in a variety of jewelry, including rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. It can be used alone or combined with other gemstones to create unique designs.

Meaning: In crystal therapy and metaphysical beliefs, spinel is associated with protection, mental clarity and positive energy. It is believed to help repel negative energies and promote self-confidence.

Overall, spinel is a fascinating and versatile gemstone that offers a range of color and design options for jewelry. Its hardness, beauty and history make it a popular choice for those seeking unique and distinctive gemstones.


Where are the main sources of spinel extraction located?


Spinel is a precious stone that can be mined from different sources around the world.

Myanmar (Burma): Spinel has traditionally been mined in Myanmar, particularly in the Mogok region. This area is famous for its high-quality spinels, including ruby (red) spinel and purple spinel.
Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka is known for producing blue variety spinels, including ocean blue spinel. These spinels are prized for their color and transparency.
Tanzania: Tanzania is a significant source of spinels of blue, green and pink varieties. The Mahenge mine in Tanzania is famous for its pink and red spinels, including the Mahenge spinel.
Vietnam: Vietnam is another source of high-quality joints, especially black joints. These spinels can range from black to dark blue.
Thailand: Thailand has been a source of joints of blue, pink and orange varieties.
Madagascar: Madagascar is known for producing blue, green and pink spinels. The Ilakaka region of Madagascar is famous for blue spinels.
Kenya: Kenya is known for tsavorite spinels, a bright green variety of the spinel.
Cambodia: Cambodia is a less common but significant source of spinels, particularly blue and green spinels.
Russia: Russia has also produced joints, particularly in the Ural region.


How much is a Spinel worth?


The value of a joint depends on several key factors, including:

Color: Color is one of the most important factors that influence the value of the spinel. Spinels with vivid, saturated colors, such as ruby red spinel or ocean blue spinel, usually have a higher value.

Size: The size or weight of the joint will greatly affect its value. Larger joints will generally be more expensive than smaller ones.

Clarity: The presence or absence of inclusions and internal defects will affect the purity of the spinel. Purer spinels free of inclusions will be more valuable.

Cut and Craftsmanship: The quality of the joint’s cut and craftsmanship can affect its beauty and value. A well-cut joint will reflect the light optimally, showing off its brilliance.

Origin: The geographic origin of the joint can impact its value. For example, Burmese or Mogok joints in Myanmar are often considered among the finest and can have a higher value.


What does it mean to give a joint as a gift?


Spinel is a gemstone that can be associated with various meanings and symbols based on cultural beliefs and personal traditions. Here are some of the meanings commonly attributed to the joint:

Strength and Protection: In many cultures, spinel is seen as a stone that symbolizes strength and protection. It is believed to protect the bearer from negative influences, harmful energies and dangers.

Passion and Vitality: Red spinel, known as “ruby spinel,” is often associated with passion, love and vitality. Its bright red color evokes feelings of energy and fervor.

Mental clarity: Some people believe that joint promotes mental clarity, concentration and clarity. It can be used as a stone to help make decisions and solve problems.

Personal Growth: Spinel can be seen as a stone that promotes personal growth and self-discipline. It can help you overcome obstacles and develop your skills and talents.

Emotional Stability: In some crystal healing practices, spinel is used to stabilize emotions and promote a sense of balance and calm. It is believed to reduce stress and anxiety.

Faith and Spirituality: Joint can also be associated with religious faith and spirituality. It can be used as a stone for meditation and spiritual connection.

Feeling of Protection: In some traditions, spinel is seen as a stone that offers a feeling of protection and security. It can be worn as a talisman or amulet to keep negative energies away.

Determination and perseverance: The joint can symbolize determination and perseverance in achieving goals. It can be worn to inspire a positive and ambitious mindset.

It is important to note that the meaning of joint can vary based on individual and cultural beliefs. Many of the meanings attributed to gemstones are based on ancient traditions and metaphysical beliefs. Therefore, the meaning of the joint can be subjective and personal to the wearer.


Famous jewels with Spinello:


While spinel is a lesser-known gemstone than other stones such as diamonds or sapphires, there are still some famous pieces of jewelry that feature spinel. Here are some examples:

The British Imperial Crown: One of the most iconic jewels of the British crown is adorned with a spinel. Inside the crown is the “Prince Black Spinel,” a large black spinel known for its beauty and historical value.
European Royal Jewelry: Throughout history, spinel has been used in royal jewelry throughout Europe. For example, Queen Mary of England owned a necklace with a spinel, and the spinel was also present in Russian royal jewelry.
Jewelry by Famous Designers: Some world-famous jewelry designers have created pieces with spinel. These jewels often feature unique and innovative designs that showcase the beauty and versatility of spinel as a gemstone.
Vintage and Antique Jewelry: Many vintage jewelry stores and antique shops offer spinel jewelry. These jewels can have historical value and are prized for both their beauty and their provenance.
Contemporary Jewelry: Contemporary designers continue to use spinel in their jewelry. These jewels can feature a variety of designs, from classic to modern, and often highlight the natural beauty of the spinel.
Celebrity Jewelry: Some celebrities have worn spinel jewelry at important events. These jewels often become famous when worn in public by prominent figures.
Jewelery from noble families: Many noble and aristocratic families have passed down spinel jewelery from generation to generation, thus creating pieces with great historical and sentimental value.

While spinel may not be as well known as other gemstones, it is a fascinating and versatile gemstone that can be used to create jewelry of great beauty and value. Its color variability and hardness make it an attractive choice for jewelry.



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