How much is the geographical origin of a gemstone worth?

How much is the geographical origin of a gemstone worth?

The geographical origin for top quality gemstones is of relative importance as they are very rare.
Specimens from new mining areas can be more beautiful than gemstones from famous mines.
However the geographical origin influences the market price due to the reputation of certain areas linked to gemstones names and to their depletion.

Some examples:
Burmese ruby: only 1% of worldwide rubies production is top gemmiferous quality. Burma provided the greatest part of these gemstones but the production has continuously decreased since the Sixties and today the “pigeon’s blood” quality that is extracted locally is extremely rare.

The magnificent red of a Burma Ruby

Very beautiful rubies can be found today in Mozambique, Madagascar, Thailand and Sri Lanka but the highest price for the same quality continues to be the primacy of those Burmese because of the market demand and scarcity of the extracted material.

Sapphire Ceylon: Sri Lanka sapphires (Ceylon) are still extracted and are the most requested for their typical color of a lighter and brighter blue (cornflower) than the deep blue of other sources.

Enchanting Ceylon Sapphires blue

Kashmir sapphire: since the 50’s many Kashmir mines have been depleted and the greatest part of those sapphire has not been extracted in recent times. Gemstones coming from this area with a silky aspect and the typical slightly purple blue have very high prices.

Colombian emerald: in Colombia many emeralds are still extracted although rumours say that the most famous mines, especially Muzo, are almost depleted.
Compared to other world sources, the price of Colombian Emeralds has risen enormously in the last years, both for its rarity and for political economic reasons.

Colombian Emerald, the most incredible green

Other gemstones indicate their origin by their name:
Emblematic is the case of tanzanite. This fine gemstone is extracted only in this part of world (Tanzania) and it appears that this precious mineral is in depletion.
Paraiba tourmaline has become famous and expensive simply because, until not long ago, it was only extracted in Brazil, in the Paraiba state, although it has also been found in Africa (gemstones with same mineralogical composition).
The same thing happened to the famous green garnet of the grossular species called Tsavorite because it is only extracted around the African Tsavo national park.


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