Gemstones, precious for health

Gemstones, precious for health

According to Crystal Therapy, some gems’ energy allows to balance mind and body’s health in a very beneficial way. For this, some precious stones are useful and enchanting aids to get back in shape, put to taste by holidays.

“L’epifania tutte le feste si porta via” – that is: Epiphany always concludes all the holidays. And this year too, the Befana has made her travel all around the world, bringing gifts to good guys and taking away all the relaxation and holidays of the Christmas time. However, Befana never takes away successes made during holidays and, while the good ones are worthy of a gift, the majority, who enjoyed too much the company of sweets and relax, always receives coal.

The period after holidays is a bit hard, not only because we have to come back to work, but we also feel so obligated to get back in shape -often lost thanks to sweets – , recovering our sprint. Luckily, aids may be several and some of them are also pleasant. The Crystal Therapy cannot be considered a medical science but it has many supporters and benefits, as it exploits gems’ positive energy to help body’s recovery.

The use of gems to improve health and mind has ancient origins. Many civilizations, as the Indian or Egyptian ones, believed that obis with different stones could have benefits for various aspects of health and life. Presently, Crystal Therapy is quite different as it has developed new ideas, but its roots are ancient. This science, modern and old at the same time, can suggest us some cures to recover energy and health.

For this, emerald, one of the most loved gems, seems to be also the most powerful one. It is known that emeralds improve sight, so, if holidays put to test our eyes with many tombolas, the king of green gems can surely help us. Moreover, it could also have a detoxification function, often useful considering the classical Christmas meals.

Indeed, aquamarine can be the best solution to protect the immune system, balancing the activities of hypophysis and thyroid gland. The fatigue due to the resumption of job makes us easy targets for winter flues, but Crystal Therapy considers aquamarines as optimal protective aids. And this power is improved if associated with amethyst, that has the capacity to reduce headaches and regulate metabolism.

Finally, even if we feel a bit regretful for holidays’ excesses, we cannot deny that we will miss the relaxation of past holidays. For this, it seems that tourmaline could help to eliminate negative energies, to face again daily routine happily.

Even if Crystal Therapy is not a science and it cannot replace diets or physical exercise (even if we would like so), it can offer precious suggestions to balance body’s energy, in a positive, peaceful and also pleasant way, because, considering all above, jogging could be more enjoyable if done in the company of a wonderful emerald.


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