Amethyst: the world most famous violet gemstone

Amethyst: the world most famous violet gemstone

Amethyst is a really loved gem, fully used within jewelry, as it was in the age of Egyptian pharaohs. During the centuries it preserved its excellent features, as symbol of health and it is the violet gem par excellence, very spread and suitable for all.

Amethyst, violet variety of quartz, is a legendary gemstone with an antique origin that has always attracted admiration and attention for its beauty and its wonderful “powers”. In 3,000 B.C., it was extremely used to make jewelry in Mesopotamia and Egypt. In this latter location amethyst was considered a royal gem as it could strengthen power, moreover the same purple-violet colour was symbol of regality; for this amethyst was used for the seal of a famous queen, Cleopatra, and for jewelry of following pharaohs.

The royal nature and power of amethyst originate from its creation, somehow divine. The name derives form Greek word améthystos that means “not inebriated” and it evokes the mythological origin of this precious gem. According to the legend, the god Bacchus, goddess of wine and amusement, also known as Dionysus by Greeks, used to be angry with humans and once he decided to kidnap the beautiful nymph Amethyst. When she was attacked by three tigers, she asked for help to Phoebe who transformed her in a transparent, splendid crystal. The furious Bacchus split his cup of red wine on the crystal that become violet, creating the precious gem amethyst.

For this, amethyst was associated to Bacchus and his temptations, as it was a talisman against drunkenness. It was believed that, drinking form an amethyst glass, it was impossible to get drunk. So it was in the ancient Rome where, during feasts and celebrations, while guests used to enjoy wine’s pleasures, the master of the house drank form an amethyst cup to be sober and control the celebration.

Therefore amethyst has always been symbol of sobriety and health, able to protect against illness and attract good luck. For this reason, it is associated to longevity, as if it was a rare elixir of life. We do not have to get surprised if amethyst is presently seen as a charm of power and prosperity, as well as an ideal gift to celebrate strong and long relations.

Considering the marvelous “powers” of this gem, Luxedo is proud to offer in its catalogue gorgeous examples, natural and certified, ideal to create elegant and special jewels. Moreover, amethyst’s hue is extremely unique even if in the past the term “oriental amethyst” was used to define another kind of violet rare game: the violet sapphire. Nowadays these two gems are differentiated as their hue is actually different, but we do not have to be deceived believing that sapphire is more precious; amethyst itself has a great value, even if it is quite spread and common, and it is one of the most loved gems for Made in Italy and International jewelry.

The uniqueness of its deep, intense violet hue has, however, a little fault: if the gem is exposed for a long time to a very hot light, the colour can vary till transforming amethyst into a citrine quartz. Certainly, this exposure must be really long and the source of light must present very high temperature to provoke such changing, for this the transformation is practically impossible.

Amethyst has precious, excellent qualities as well as a great diffusion in jewelry market that gives the opportunity to “common mortals” to own the gem that defeated the gob Bacchus.



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