The importance of ethical, certified diamonds: a matter of social responsibility

The importance of ethical, certified diamonds: a matter of social responsibility

The World Diamond Council is an organization created with the aim to eliminate conflict diamonds form the market, whose profits finance civil wars in Africa. Jewelry and gems industry gives great relevance to this aspect as trading and purchasing certified diamonds increase social responsibility.

In 2002, after a period of negotiations, the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme was stipulated. It is a certification agreement that protects the profits of diamonds’ trade, to prevent them to be used to finance civil wars in several states as Angola, Congo, Sierra Leone and others, where precious diamonds can be found. The agreement was realized thanks to the cooperation of various governments, but mainly thanks to the commitment and support of jewelry industry and diamonds multinational corporations.

Diamond-trade safeguard has been one of the main objective within the industry since the beginning and remarkable progresses have been reached during the years. An essential role was given to the World Diamond Council, that has fought against conflict diamonds’ trade, as well as their presence in the market, for thirteen years. Eli Izhakoff, life honorary president of the organization, directed the WDC since its foundation, collaborating with main entities in the sector to make effective the provisions of Kimberly Process. Recently, Izhakoff gave up his role but he enhanced again the importance of ethical and social responsibility in business.

Jewelry industry and diamonds trade seem to take literally the suggestions of the World Diamond Council and its president, as they are giving more and more relevance to ethical and certified diamonds. For this, on the occasion of the fall edition of VicenzaOro, the most important trade fair of gold and jewelry, a contest was organized to sponsor young talents who will cooperate with humanitarian associations for the creation of a “peace jewel”, due to promote the fight against illegal diamonds and increase social responsibility. Moreover, during the trade fair, Eli Izhakoff also received an award for its commitment in supporting ethic in jewelry.

The importance of this theme shows how business, luxury and jewelry world is not at all blinded by brightness and ostentation, but it seems to be absolutely conscious of the main aspects concerning diamonds and gems trade: environmental protection, ethical view and social responsibility, due to confer more and more splendor to legally certified diamonds.

Luxedo is aware of these essential aspects and it has always committed itself to certify catalogue diamonds, also realizing analyses and certifications on request. Buying guaranteed and certified diamonds and precious gems do not defend only our choices and purchases, but our society too, preserving each ethical and certified diamond’s beauty, making our jewel a peace jewelry.



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