History and characteristics of cocktail ring

History and characteristics of cocktail ring

The cocktail ring originated in the Twenties, in relation to Prohibition, ad it became famous in the Fifties. Presently, it is a fashionable jewel, loved by women and characterized by a big multifaceted gem and a showy, elegant setting.

“The Great Gatsby” is a novel by Francis Scott Fitzgerald set in America in the Twenties. The novel is considered an excellent portrait of the controversial and tormented period of Prohibition. Recently, the director Baz Luhrmann directed the film version of the book, with an excellent cast and scenes rich of curiosities and particulars. We would suggest, to whom will have the occasion to watch the film, to notice the luxurious and splendid jewels worn by the female protagonist who interprets the lively and beautiful Daisy. Multi-thread pearl necklaces, precious diadems and brilliant bracelets, but mainly the famous cocktail rings, perfect symbols of Prohibition, as the same Fitzgerald’s novel is.

The cocktail ring is a very elegant and stylish jewel, still appreciated by present fashion. The history of this gorgeous ring took root in the deep controversial aspects of American Prohibition.

The cocktail ring is a very big ring, with simple setting at the beginning that has become richer over the years and according to design evolutions, it has a remarkable weight in carat multifaceted precious gem and, in any way, it won’t never be unnoticed.

This ring originated in the ancient time as a jewel worn by nobles in European courts, even if it was really different form the one we know today and its origin is manly connected to the Twenties.

With the diffusion of Prohibition in America, in relation to strict rules about alcohol consumption and social behave, manly of women, little forms of rebellion developed in more or less evident ways. Cocktail ring can be partially considered as such, because it was worn by women on the occasion of clandestine parties in bars or houses. According to this perspective, the cocktail ring was an ironic response to Prohibition: parties were concealed and women used to enjoy liqueurs and amusements in total secrecy, however they did it wearing an excessively luxurious and showy ring, the best way to be noticed in the background of Prohibition.

However, due to this obligated secrecy, the cocktail ring became famous and well-known only in the Fifties when, after the end of restrictions, people wanted to serenely set free their desire of entertainment and elegance, so that cocktail parties become common and appreciated.

The term cocktail was invented during the Prohibition when clandestine drinkers had to invent a code language to be more careful. Cocktail parties spread in the following decades and it is believed that women who took part in these events used to wear the famous big and showy ring on their right hand. The connection with the cocktail, that gave the name to the ring, developed also due to the fact that these women ordered their drinks raising the right hand and showing the gorgeous jewel. In this way, they could attract the attention of other splendor lovers, and mainly of who would have to serve their desired cocktail.

Presently, cocktail ring is a stylish jewel, fashionable and appreciated by who loves elegance and originality. In the modern time we are not forced to face prohibitions as in the Twenties and parties are anything but clandestine. However, wearing a cocktail ring, splendid and enriched by a big, brilliant gemstone or by surrounding bright diamonds, seems still to be one of the women’s preferred ways to get noticed.


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