The Jewelry Museum

The Jewelry Museum

The first jewelry Museum dedicated to jewelry’s evolution during time can be visited in Vicenza. It allows a didactic route thanks to a subdivision in themes and unique attractiveness.

Vicenza saw the inauguration of the jewelry Museum in Vicenza, a permanent museum space inside the Palladian Basilica. The project is run by Fiera di Vicenza to promote gold and jewelry sectors, as it does with the trade show Vicenzaoro.

The museum is a unique project that emphasizes the culture of the area, but also a relevant sector within Made in Italy luxury manufacturing. The museum has been designed to be dynamic, ideal for experts as well as for the general public, with an eye to younger generations.

Actually, the museum can be considered an ideal didactic place since it was developed according to an educational view. The top floor has nine exhibition rooms containing about four hundred jewels. Each room has a name, and they are:Magic, Beauty, Function, Art, Fashion, Design, Icons, Future and Symbols.

Every exhibition room is worthy of a praise for the relevance and fascination of themes it represents. Magic, for example, has a collection of amulets and ornaments linked to gods’ cult or useful to protect people against evil. Gems and jewels with protective, magic or therapeutic purposes, precious to strengthen body and minds.

Indeed, Art has a very relevant cultural value as it presents sculptures-jewels created by world artists; their precious nature does not depend only on beauty but also on the expressive artistic view they represent.

Symbol conveys people’s need to use symbols to express moments and the values of life and society. For this, these jewelry items can symbolize power, as for crowns and badges, or affections and memory. Memory is also the main theme of another important room, Icons, where narrative jewels remind and tell exceptional events through materials, techniques and images.

Finally, one of the most representative room is Fashion, that tracks the evolution of jewelry fashion, in line with seasons, catwalk shows and the wider public, from the ’50s to Chanel and the design of today.

Surely, every room has a great impact and interest, allowing a vision of jewelry in all its aspects, with special attention for contemporary sectors and innovations in 3D printing.

The museum is ideal for everybody, people who live in the city or visitors from Italy and the rest of the world. Moreover the rotation of works will also make the museum a place to visit more than once, to follow the developments of the exhibition areas as well as the precious routs of jewelry in the world and time.


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