Engagement ring, there are many alternatives to the diamond: Emerald, ruby, sapphire … which one to choose?

Engagement ring, there are many alternatives to the diamond: Emerald, ruby, sapphire … which one to choose?

For those looking for their engagement ring, an alternative to the classic solitaire with diamond, choices are endless and all of great effect and personality.
To choose the right one, the first question to ask is which color is your partner’s favorite color.
Who does not know it is probably running the risk of breaking the engagement … joking aside, in case you know it the most is done, otherwise, if the favorite colors were more than one, we should focus on other aspects that could help us in the choice.
For example, the color of the eyes or the color of the hair, or even the complexion, could help us. It might seem trivial but a woman with green eyes could very well “marry” to a ring with Emerald. As if the eyes are blue, the perfect choice will be a ring with blue sapphire or aquamarine. A thick red hair leaves us to imagine the effect of a ring with ruby ​​and diamonds or a refined rose gold solitaire. Even Morganite or Pink Aquamarine could be a good choice.
If your girlfriend loves the changes, a ring with Alexandrite, a stone that changes color to the various sources of light, could be a particularly brilliant idea.

The character of the recipient is also very important: green relaxes and helps in meditation (ring with emerald) red means passion and initiative (ring with ruby). This topic can be explored by discovering the meaning of the gems and possibly their use in crystallotherapy.
If you want your ring to be worn on a daily basis, it is necessary to consider also what kind of job your bride-to-be has: a normal and quiet office job will not impose limits on your choices, while if her work is mainly manual then better than the ring you choose provides a diamond halo in case the central stone is delicate or opt for harder gems such as rubies, sapphires, alexandrite. In this last case the classic diamond ring, the hardest stone among all, would return a winning choice.
In particular consider that if your girlfriend works with hands often in contact with detergents or acidic substances, your choice should not fall on rings with emerald as this is one of the most delicate stones and some substances could ruin it.
If your future partner is a passionate blogger of social networks, consider instead that a beautiful ring with emerald, a sapphire with diamond outline or a precious solitaire with Ruby will be the right choice only if the jewel will be really photogenic and enough prestigious to not disfigure if shown to everyone (who will soon know that you are the lucky boyfriend).

Another element that can help in the choice is a specific emotional bond with a gem, a color or a jewel, perhaps of the grandmother. On the other hand, the emotional bond could also be yours, as the future husband. If you are the Duke of Windsor you won’t have problem to find a family jewel otherwise that daisy ring with Ceylon sapphire will be made by Luxedo, without bothering the forefathers.
After choosing the gem with which to make the ring, pay attention to the setting.
If you prefer to give a ring that is not the usual solitaire maybe a small diamond halo or a design setting, a completely customized ring, will do the trick.
If our suggestions have not given you any ideas then you can contact us directly or, alternatively, you can ask your best friend advice … but be careful not to let you discover!


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